Web-Based Point of Sale (future)

Up to 8 separate, custom meals can NOW be created/ ordered all with a single Paypal transaction.  Handheld ordering by wait staff (POS) is coming very soon, including splitting of checks!  Web-based, real-time accounting is available for remote monitoring of restaurant business.

Point of Sale.. growth 182% by 2018

Mobile POS will Surpass $2 Billion . .

Mobile POS Will Surpass $2 Billion in 2013, iPad As Cash Register . . . .

Mobile POS solutions... heavy growth..

Mobile POS solutions... i.e., mobile phones...will also experience heavy growth over the next two years, particularly among restaurants . . . .

Online ordering is the # 1 choice . . . .

Online ordering is the number-one choice for the second year running, and in fact slightly more than half (51.2%) of all restaurant operators in our survey named it the POS feature they’d most like to invest in for 2013. Interest in mobile phones for ordering and payment is spiking, too, with 48.4% of restaurant operators adding it to POS shopping lists. Cloud computing saw the biggest jump, and is desired by 36.2% of restaurants in our survey (a jump of 17 percentage points over 2012).

Revel Systems . . . 380% growth . . .

2012 Revenue Growth Rate:
380% (annualized)
2013 Projected Revenue Growth Rate:  380%
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