e-Inventory System (w/ password –controlled access)
(control your online inventory from any web-ready device!)

A web-based inventory management system includes VOICE     
DATA ENTRY of descriptions, pricing, sort order, pdfs, links, videos. 

•Products or Services

•Shoot, click, upload from smartphone directly to your website

•Easy upgrade to eCommerce –   Create & sell  Package Deals!  

•Simple search (ctrl-F) included.

        works very similar to the FooNow  eMenu system:
(see http://www.smartphoneswork.com/emenu_slideshow.html)
(see http://scalesct.com - example)

Advanced Search Feature - allows search of any printed word on site.  (All  eInventory systems are already searchable w/ ctrl-F).   A  web-based database will be created to store both available equipment  & in stock parts & equipment.  Title, description, image, price (optional) and images can be stored and searched for by online customers  according to:
2.Product Type (or Service)
3.Price (can set range)
4.Availability (In Stock or needs to be ordered)
                       See  http://scalesct.com

         Categorized index   for easy  1-click access to each product/ service category.
see:   http://scalesct.com
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