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eCatering System - Almost all restaurants would like to increase their catering business, especially when it means creating  large trays of the same kind of food to be picked up by the customer (No wait staff is needed to seat the customers - just sell to them and get them out the door.)  They could even rent and/or sell place settings, chairs etc.   We will soon have an expanded eCatering system to include the sale of “package deals”.  A customer can go online and begin the process of creating a catered order. The caterer can then review the order and make changes as necessary. The party thrower could also pass the order along to say the mother-in-law  to review and make additional changes.  Deposits can also be processed once the order has been discussed and a time has been set. No discussion may be necessary if the customer has  had a similar catering package previous. If  the number of people has changed it’s possible to recall that order from past parties & adjust numbers & foods accordingly.   see   short slideshow,  but significant because not only calculates online food prices but use pp math (per person),  allows for individual items - tents grills etc... and does per hour math to include servers, bartenders etc...   We could (someday) even allow for music set lists to be created online - w/  the ability to add the song minutes to create set lists. 

eCakes -  Our complete online cake ordering system can be utilized by a restaurant/caterer. The final custom cake order could get forwarded to the bakery -  No room for error.  Includes options for candles, birthday message, even the ability to upload a cake image.
Here is our Cake Ordering Slideshow:            
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