"How times have changed!"
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Custom-made Food Created by the buyer Online!

Whether it be a restaurant, deli, grocery stores or caterer, 
custom sandwiches, salads, dinner for 5, full catered orders, and pizza, of course, can be easily "created" from a smartphone, (or ANY web-ready device) ordered directly at the restaurant and be ready for takeout or delivery at a precise time assigned by the restaurant.  

FooNow (c) is "pre-paid" (nothing prints, unless it's paid)

Our web-based system will allow for internet orders to be placed directly onto
the restaurant’s web site (from smart phone or any web-ready device). The safe,
PayPal payment must clear before the order prints directly into the kitchen –
without any computer – just an ePrint printer & wireless network is needed.

You control FooNow (c) (food timing, messages to buyer)

The Food Establishment controls the time required to make the meal and custom notes/announcements sent to the buyer at the time of purchase. So if you're real
busy, you can easily change the preparation time or shut the system down request
that the customer call or come in.  Sales details are emailed directly back to the
consumer & the owner/manager.

eMenu System - Restaurant Online Menu Design

Restaurant menu (web-based inventory) design system.  All menu elements -
description, price, captions, even images & graphics can be managed easily by
the Food Establishment from any web-ready device.   Android/ Iphone voice-
recognition works (with 95% + accuracy).   eMenus are "FooNow-ready". 
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QR-code orders "Right at the Table"

In House ordering by the customer using a QR code "Right at the Table"  is now
avalaible.  The kitchen knows what table the order was placed from.  No need for
tablets at the table - FooNow needs only a Smartphone and a QR Code.  FooNow for
custom-made drinks is ready!

Nutritional Value Tabulation . . .

Food value (for each ingredient) has also been tested and will be released shortly. 
Just imagine a healthy food menu at your restaurant & grocery store,  where you will
know exactly what you're eating. The ability to track calories, carbs, protein, sugar &
salt intake will be at your fingertips, via smartphone! 

Web-Based Point of Sale - Coming Soon!

Up to 8 separate, custom meals can NOW be created/ ordered all with a single
Paypal transaction. (Feed the Masses)  Handheld ordering by wait staff (POS) is
coming very soon, including splitting of checks!  Web-based, real-time accounting
is available for remote monitoring of restaurant business.  
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Works Great on Large, Digital Screens
Online Ordering Stats: (Nov. 2020)
Sandwiches & Wraps (+21%)

Burgers (+10%)

Pizza (+9%)

Salads (+7%)